Friday, January 21, 2011

Terrie Takes Flight

That’s the name my swap partner gave to this incredibly darling little quilt.

I really, really wish I knew how to get a better picture of this.  It is so PERFECT!  The fabric for the cows and the chickens.  The tree fabric and then the shadows as well.  Here’s a close up of the bi-plane.

The propellers are three-D and have the cutest little black button.  I don’t know if you can see the yellow scarf but it has a “T” at the end of it. 

There are really no words for how much I love this little guy.  For one, I love bi-planes.  They are just so beautiful and elegant.  (I love the movie High Road to China, and I think all the beautiful shots of the planes in the air has a lot to do with it.  Well, okay, Tom Selleck has something to do with it, too.) 

And, along with the “Flight” theme for this swap, she included fabric with images of things that fly and the two cutest pins to bling up my pincushion.  How cute are these guys? 

You know, I always appreciate the quilts that I get in the swaps.  It’s so fun to have the diversity.  But some, I have to admit, are real stand-outs.  This is certainly one of them. 

I love it!!

Meanwhile, I am making progress on my little “Flight” swap quilt but I can’t show pictures yet.  I can show the progress I’m making on the circle quilt.

The blocks are ready to sew together.

The semester started this week.  That means – so sad to say – that the sewing fun is definitely going to slow down.  Drastically.  Still, there are rituals to be observed, and one of them is that I start a new semester with a clean office.  It doesn’t stay that way long.  In fact, my office already no longer looks this good, and I only took the photo two days ago!  But there it is.  For one brief shining moment, clean surfaces, clean floor, dusted. 


  1. Those pins are just darling!

    And the office will stay clean for the whole semester... since you have the above photo, you will just know that it IS clean underneath all the 'temporary' mess ;)

    Can't wait to see your flight quilt.

  2. Your newest swap quilt makes me smile. It is so cute and does seem to represent you... the girl off to see what she can do in this big wide world. Enjoy your treasure and clean office as you head off into a semester.

  3. That truly is a darling little swap quilt...I love your polka dot quilt!!

  4. That is a really pretty swap quilt...I can see how much work went into it! It is so charming!