Thursday, September 30, 2010

Swap Happy

Just a few more blocks made up for swaps.  For Bee Pieceful, the theme was the 6o’s.  So, first, a bit of Woodstock.

And a peace sign.  I have to say, the peace sign looked just fine before I satin stitched it.  Something went wonky there.  So, I’m imagining this peace sign was designed by someone at Woodstock who had been sampling the electric koolaid.

It was fun to revisit the 60’s.  I lived through them but was too young to participate in any of the exuberance.  I do remember lava lamps though – remember when every dentist’s office in the country had one in the waiting room?  Was anyone ever really soothed by this?

And, for Bee Obsessed, the theme was to make traditional 12" blocks in shades of brown and cream, keeping in mind the quilt is being made for a husband.  So.  Manly, manly it is.  What can be more manly than pine cones and tree bark, says I?

And, well, trees and stars.  About the tin ceiling fabric: I see it like this.  There’s the manly mountain man who has been deep in the Rockies.  But, every so often the call of civilization is heard and so it’s time for a night at the Leadville Opera House, where he, of course, looks up and admires the tin ceiling.  (Did the Leadville Opera House have a tin ceiling? )

This is what I know: it’s always all about the story. 

Anyway, I do love making blocks in shades of brown.  Perhaps because brown seemed to be my mother’s favorite color.  Perhaps I just love it in my own right.  I love how shades of brown put together can be so soft and subtle.  Some quilters find brown boring.  I guess I can understand that (sort of).  I just find it rich and full of texture.  There may need to be some little brown quilts in my future – clearly I’m a hankering.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4-Patch Strippy Project

About a year ago I made a 4-patch strippy quilt using the 13-Square foundation. 


I’ve been meaning to make another version using reproduction fabrics for quite a while.  Here it is (finally).  Hmmm.  I didn’t get the colors quite right in this photo.  (It’s a much prettier little quilt in person).  It finished at 11 14" by 11 3/4".

You can download a pdf file of directions on how to make this quilt  from the Projects 2010 page of my website.  Meanwhile, here are a few photos of the process.

Laying one inch squares in a design I’m hoping I’ll like once it’s all sewn up.

Here’s laying the first vertical row of patches, skipping over those rows where the sashing will go.

The foundation with all the patches added.  There’s a lot fewer patches to sew (obviously) with this project and it is just fast, fast, fast.

With the sashing strips glued on and ready to Fold and Sew.

The top and bottom sashing strips were added after the foundation rows were joined and the paper had been removed. 

Finally, ready to quilt with the design marked on Golden Threads tissue paper.  Though the quilt looks mostly square, it is actually one-half inch longer than it is wide.  Gotta love EQ.  I was able to take the quilting motif and stretch it out just a tad for the longer side.  The difference is so minor that you can’t tell just looking at it but with the correct sizing on the template, everything fit perfectly and I didn’t need to work in any fudge factor of my own.

Such a fun little project! 

Meanwhile, here it is, the end of September.  How did that happen?  The leaves on the honey locust tree are starting to turn, and my basil has gone to seed. It still feels like summer though – it’s 91 degrees outside, and the air conditioning is a-humming.

Still, it must be time to start thinking about Christmas projects, yes? 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What’s Going On

Well, Mom thought I should check in again.  She says she’s been busy with teaching and training (I think she means me).  She said to tell you she’s working on a project she’s going to show you guys in a few days, but meanwhile, I could show you some of the swap blocks she’s done lately.  Like this cool one, a wonky bento box.

Some asterisk blocks:

And a spinning web:

Mom said I could also let you know what I’ve been up to.  She said I don’t have to tell you about the new hole in the carpet in front of the patio door if I don’t want to, so I’m not going to.  (Though I heard her tell Dad it was a good thing they were already planning on replacing the upstairs carpet).

This is me with the way cool big stick that blew down in my backyard.  I really, really like sticks.

Puppy class was just as fun as Mom said it would be.  I got to play with lots of other puppies.  I liked it best when we got to run around with each other.

But I learned lots of cool things, too.  I learned to always come when Mom calls (well, almost always).  I learned to sit, and down, and stay.  See my pretty sit?

And  here I am in a down stay.

Mom says I am the best dog she’s ever had in obedience.  She says I’m really smart and really focused.  She says I was the absolute star of the puppy class. 

Well, that is what she said, anyway.  I’m not so sure she’s convinced anymore.  I graduated from puppy class and last night went to my very first beginning obedience class.  I didn’t really get it.  I couldn’t play with any other dogs.  Mom kept saying “heel” but, honestly, I didn’t have a clue what she wanted me to do, so while we were walking around, I just thought I’d say hi to the other dogs in class.  Mom didn’t think that was such a good idea. 

When we got back home, she told Dad that I didn’t go to dog class with her, that it was my evil twin instead.  I didn’t know I had an evil twin.  Should I worry?