Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Little Bits

Every bit of progress counts, right?

I finished another miniature in process that has languished in a dresser drawer for years. I am so happy with this one. I love how dramatic the red and black is. This is scrappier than it seems at first glance. Each one of those half-hexagon(ish) shapes is actually three 1/2" finished triangles. A bit insane, really, but I love it.

Then I used some GO! dies to add appliqué to the round robin I'm (finally) working on.

They're working well, I think, to cover up bare spots that turned out to need something.

I used leftovers to piece together a backing.

Now I need to baste it together and get to the actual quilting! School is on, however, and that means quilt time has cut way back. Particularly since I've got a set of papers and midterm exams to grade. (Give me a week and life will resume).

And since I want to continue to work on finishing up other little projects, I'm returning to the Kaleidoscope Kreator block I made years ago. I decided if I made up another one, I could use the pair as outer pockets on a tote bag. I got to play for an hour one morning and came up with the new design. Even though I haven't made much with this program, I'll admit, the designs it creates really are incredible.

Here the new design is, starting to sew the feathers.

And now I just need time to get back to the sewing room. I go to my office with the old Rawhide theme in my head: "Grading, grading, grading . . .  keep those essays moving . . ."