Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Go! Hexagons and Triangles

The Doll Quilt Swap is one of my favorite swaps.  It’s so fun to see the creativity of all the quilts being made.  And it’s fun to watch all the photos being posted wondering which once of them will be coming to you!  I really loved making up the one I just mailed out today.  (And sure hope my partner likes it – she wanted bright and fun and contemporary, so I hope this fits the bill!)

I got the idea from two quilts I saw posted on line.  First, there’s the full size Moda Bake Shop tutorial posted here.  And a slight variation that was here.  I just made it up doll quilt size.  I think it measures about 14" by 16 1/2". 

Of course, just as it is supposed to, the AccuQuilt Go! made this much easier.  I used the Hexagon and Triangles dies. 

The triangle points are trimmed which makes sewing this up a breeze.  Here’s adding the triangles to a hexagon.

And sewing the hexagon/triangle units together.

Which makes for very nice seam intersections.

This was just a fun little quilt to make up!

I also made up another one of the cute pincushions that use these dies as well.

I included something else in the package that got mailed today, but just on the off chance my swappee might stumble by here, I can’t show it since it would likely give the surprise away. 

So, there it is.  One swap quilt out the door and headed across the deep blue seas.  Another to begin. 

Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows.


  1. I love this little quilt ! It's so cute!!!!

  2. It's a super little quilt - modern with a traditional twist..........or is it traditional with a modern twist??

  3. I so want a triangle die set now... I already have the hexagons

  4. sweet quilt and i love the pin cushion!

  5. Your newest little quilt is fantastic. Love the bright colors.

  6. Such a beautiful quilt! Your partner will be doing the happy dance when it arrives!

  7. So pretty, Terrie! I see the usefulness of the AccuQuilt system!

  8. Your partner will be tickled with the quilt you made her. It's awesome. I love the bright colors.