Friday, January 14, 2011

Go! Round Flower Wall Hanging

It was so much fun playing with the Round Flower die for this one!  The shading in the photo is a little off.  The sun was behind the tree branches and I had shadows falling across the quilt.  Still, the general idea is here.

One of the things I vowed when I got the AccuQuilt is that I would justify the expense of it by putting it to work on my stash.  So, for this project, I just pulled out a bunch of taupes and started running them through the two inch die and the Round Flower die (with Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 already added to the fabric, of course).  Oh, and the 5 1/2" die, too, for the applique backgrounds.

My first project with all those little bits was the Pink Chalk Studio Mail Sack, which I love and use all the time.

[Mail Sack Round Flower 2[3].jpg]

I also made up the Round Flower Coasters (which you can see here). 

I knew I wanted a wall hanging, too.  Obviously, I could just make up the flower itself and I did make up some of those. 

But there were all these other pieces.  So, there’s the weave block.  For this one, I drew chalk lines through the middle of the block and then 1/2" in from all of the sides, letting those lines guide the placement of the circles.  Then I just wove the stems in around them.

[taupe round flower circle grid process[3].jpg]

And I just love the effect on this next one.  It reminds me of garden pinwheels.  For these blocks, I drew diagonal lines in an X across the block and additional markings 1/2" at the corners .  I placed the leaf tips at the corner marks. 

[taupe round flower spin[3].jpg]

There’s no way I would have either the skill or the patience to cut out so many little circles by hand, but given that the Go! took care of all that, they sure were fun to play with.

So, yes, this was a very fun wall hanging to put together.  Now I have to decide how to quilt it.  Not quite sure yet how to approach it.  Any ideas?

But, hey, speaking of quilting, look at this!

There it is.  Hand quilting on the Civil War Crossing mini quilt.  Not great quilting, mind you, but I’m impressed I’m doing it at all.

Speaking of what’s next (were we speaking of what’s next?), I’ve got these pieces lined up and ready to begin putting together tomorrow.  I love how the olive green and teal play against the white.  (I’m hoping I’ll still love it once the blocks are assembled).

And, yes, I did use the 2 inch die again for all those little squares.


  1. Love the taupe Round Flowers! I just heard Alex Anderson speak yesterday. She loves her neutral collection and actually has a book devoted to them!

  2. I love it. I'm not normally a fan of neutrals, but you have brought them to life! Gorgeous.

  3. Wow! Lots of great ideas, Terrie. I have a stack of daiwabo fabric that is just dying to be cut with the GO! cutter. Now I have some ideas! Thanks!