Sunday, January 24, 2016

GO! Get it Done

Which, hey, I did.  One pretty circles table runner coming up!

While my first week of classes was a little more chaotic than usual (technology down, books not in bookstore, a side trip to the dentist which had nothing to do with school but meant I felt even more sorry for myself), the sewing room was a retreat. It's one of the things I love about quilting. Sometimes I feel like I get to be a little kid again just when I need it: "Being an adult is hard. (Sniff). I'm going to go play with colors. (Sniff. Sniff)."  And then I start to feel better. It isn't a cure all but I sure have been grateful over the years for having that sewing retreat.

Here's a photo of the whole table runner at home in the house. Odd angles. Too dark. What you can't see?  Me squeezed into a tight corner I would have fit into much easier twenty years ago.

Which is why I also took a photo out on our deck. Much better light.

Another closer look just because, and to pause a moment to give thanks for those fabric designers who never let you down. All those Kaffe Fassett fabrics? Love 'em.

And because, apparently, I'm still going in circles, I've got a project for this week to work on that uses circles again. It's one of those projects that side-tracked me onto the internet, but that's okay. I've still  got a start: stacks of circles. More to come.


  1. Quilting does cure a lot of ails. This is lovely. For a minute I thought you were participating in the Quilty 365 circle project that a lot of other bloggers are doing. I don't have a GO but that sounds like a good idea to use one. Can you cut the fusible at the same time as the fabric?

    1. I was inspired by all the Quilty 365 circle projects I was seeing. I just knew I wasn't a circle a day kind of gal.

      I actually used turn under applique with these, but you definitely can run the fusible the same time as the fabric. You just iron the fusible to the fabric and then run it through the GO! I love using the GO! for appliqué.

  2. Sorry you have to head to work this week, sniff, but hopefully, you'll have some time to play with your circles!