Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paper Piecing Sort

Today’s sewing room task involved going through my  paper piecing patterns.  I suspect a good many of us quilters have them – those perfectly lovely patterns that for some reason or other we never get to, and now the thrill is gone. So, these guys are listed in my Etsy shop, too.  Here’s a few to give you an idea.  You can click on the Daisy Fair link to see more.

And because finishing the French General pincushions reminded me of how much I like sewing those little guys up, I started another little grouping.  Here they are with the patches set up: some pretty red and white, some hand-dyes, a little Kaffe Fasset love, and shades of purple because, you know, purple. My lilacs are in bloom!

For any who are interested, I am, of course, using a Miniatures in Minutes foundation to make these up.  You can find pdf directions for how I use the 13-square foundation to make up pincushions on my Projects 2010 page.

I still have a lot of cleaning to do in my sewing room, but it feels good just to start.  Isn’t it odd?  There are times it feels great to collect.  Then, we reach a tipping point.  After that, it feels really good to de-collect.  That’s where I’m at. 

Most of the templates I listed are already on their way to a new home.  It makes me happy that 1) they are no longer in my sewing room and 2) they will soon be in the hands of someone who will actually use them.  Now, there’s a win-win.

How about you guys?  Are you in collect or de-collect mode?  (Oh, I should hope you’re in collecting mode – like hopping over to my Etsy shop and collecting what I’ve listed there!)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Declutter De Jour

I am still on my get things out of my sewing room kick.  That includes finishing up wee projects that have been hanging around too long.  So, today it’s some French General pincushions. 

I just listed these in my Etsy shop.  I still think French General is one of the most beautiful fabric lines to come around.  I love these little guys.  They measure just a little over 4 1/2" square. 




If you’re interested, just hop on over to Daisy Fair.

And, not to forget, to all who serve and have served, thank you.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

It’s time.  Classes are done.  Grades are in.  I open the sewing room door and . . . and . .  . and wow, there is just too much stuff.  So, I’m paring down.  I’m going through my sewing room and letting go.  In that spirit, I just listed a few things in my Etsy shop.

To begin, I listed a couple of Perfect Patchwork Templates (A and C)  by Marti Mitchell.  I barely used these so they are in perfect condition.  They typically sell for 18 to 22 dollars.  I listed them for 12 and 10.


The A set even has invisible grip applied to the backs of the templates.

I also listed an Elisa’s Back Porch Quarter Circle Template for a 7" block and a John Flynn Wheel of Mystery 10" block template set for 6 and 3 dollars.  They’ve been rattling around in a drawer so the surface on the Quarter Circle templates is a little scratched but they are in perfect cutting order.


And, one final thing for today’s declutter is a set of six coasters I made several years ago and then just put in a drawer and never used. The photos don’t do them justice: they are very bright and happy (for those of you who dig the whole pink, orange, deep fuchsia, hints of purple and yellow thing).

I have a lot more stuff that I’m going to go through.  In any case, if you are interested, you can find them at Daisy Fair at Etsy.

Am I the only one?  Sometimes I just have to clean and declutter before I can even think about doing something (like sewing).

Thursday, May 2, 2013

It’s May!

Now, if only Mother Nature would get the message!

That’s what I saw looking out my window first thing this morning.  It’s gonna be a fun bike to work today. Sad smile

Meanwhile, we’re at the end of the latest Fabulous Little Quilt Swap. 

Here’s the amazing quilt I received from Melissa:

My picture taking skills just can’t do it justice.  It’s called “Refracted Light” and it positively glows.   The stitching on it is just perfect!  It looks like light beams.

And she sent such wonderful goodies along as well.

Great fabric just begging to be put into a mini.  And the cutest tape measure ever!

I mean, seriously, how cute is that?

So, it may be snow piled on the deck outside, but where I’m sitting?  It’s all rainbows, rainbows, rainbows!