Sunday, February 3, 2013

We’re Off to See the Wizard

And All Kinds of Other Stuff, Too

First, there’s the MiniQT swap.  Last day of January was the day to mail out and I just squeaked it in there.  But, hey, I love how it came out.  I mean, LOVE.  (I know, I know.  I say I love a lot of what I do.  But, seriously, why else would I do it? . . .  except grading.  I don’t mention loving that.  Since I don’t.  But I do get paid for it, so . . .   Crafts, I love).

Anyhoo. . .The theme for the swap was, “What’s on your bookshelf?”   My partner loves Oz.  I found copies of first edition covers and printed them off onto fabric and this just came together.  (One of those rare times where it all just went like I imagined!)

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 9.44.10 AM

This may be one of those times where I really do need to make up another copy for myself.  I really did love how this came out, and book lover that I am, it made me remember just how much love a tangible book can hold.  I love my ebooks, of course (cheap!  convenient! space-saving!) but there is nothing like an actual book with printed pages in hand.  I remember a sleepover at my best friend’s house when we were little – she had all these OZ books.  I hadn’t even known there were so many.  After she went to sleep, I spent the rest of the night reading book after book in delight and wonder. 

And, because of the MyMemories software, I also made up some OZ themed bookmarks to send with.  The picture is blurry but there they are.

And speaking of bookmarks, I also made up some sewing themed bookmarks for the quilt group members who were at my house earlier this week.  I used a combination of a design kit and images from The Graphics Fairy. (It’s hard to get good photos because the light reflects off the laminate.  Not sure what to do about that.)

Next, I had a lot of fun with another design kit I bought that allowed me to dress my own dolls.  More bookmarks!  The picture doesn’t do these justice.  The design elements are just so cool.

And while I am clearly a woman bookmark obsessed, there’s been some sewing as well.  I finished up the miniature hearts quilt in time for Valentine’s.  The squares finish at one-half inch.

And I’ve pulled out another miniature top that just needs borders and quilting, yet another one that’s been sitting around for far too long.  But, hey, I’m making progress! Pictures coming soon.