Friday, December 23, 2011

Manly Linen Bookmarks – A Tutorial, Too

I wanted easy and easy they were. I wanted them to be simple enough that they wouldn’t be too fussy for the men in my life.   Just in case anyone else is looking for some easy peasy bookmarks, here’s directions.

1) First, I searched the internet for vintage images that reflected my guys –  so, vintage race cars, bicycles, owls, hedgehogs, rhinos.  I think the bookmarks would be fun with family photos as well. 

2)  I created a page of images in Word, sized the images at 1 1/2" wide, and printed them off – I used Electric Quilt’s pre-treated printable fabric.

3) I was aiming for speed, so I just took a sheet of Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite and fused it onto linen.  You could cut rectangles of the linen and the fusible separately, but this way was nice and fast.

4) From the fused linen, cut rectangles 2 1/4" by 8".

5) Trim 1/4" around the image and then measure the size of the image itself (not counting the quarter-inch seam allowance).

6) Draw the image size onto the back of a linen rectangle (paper still on).  I finger pressed a fold in it to help me center the rectangle.

7)  Cut out the window.

8) Peel the paper off the linen with the window and a non-window linen rectangle as well.  Lay the uncut (no window) linen rectangle on an ironing surface with the fused side up.  Lay the rectangle with the window on top with the fused side down.  After they are neatly lined up, carefully peel back the window area so that you can line up your image.  Then iron to fuse them together.


9)  Stitch around the window.  Then stitch 1/4" in around the outer edges of the bookmark. 

10)  Use a rotary cutter with a wave blade to trim the edges.  Line up the 1/8" inch mark on the ruler with the stitching that is 1/4" in from the outer edges of the bookmark.

11)  Trim around all four edges and you’re done. 

Gosh, I love quick little projects! 

I’m not done with my Christmas sewing yet.  Are you?  I’m still burning up my Bernina finishing up another couple projects.

You might be smarter than that.

I’m considering it part of my yearly  Christmas tradition.

So, whatever your traditions,  I wish the best of  Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  1. That's such a great idea! Thanks so much for this- I love to gift books and can't wait to try this. I'll be spreading the word about your tutorial as well!

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