Friday, October 9, 2015

GO! On the Road

'Tis the season. Temperatures are dropping. Sleeves are lengthening. Leaves are falling. And it's time to get in gear on all those holiday gifts that are coming up. One can always use a zipper bag, right? And one can never have too many? Hmmmm.

This week I'm on the road with the GO! Cute Car.

Once I added the words -- meant to be a bit of Jack Kerouac tribute -- I wasn't sure I liked them. Oh, well. It's not like I could successfully unpick them. I have a quilt buddy who says she very rarely picks out stitching. She just looks at a mistake, shrugs, and says, "That's how God intended it to be." So . . . the words stay.

Then, there's the more light-hearted cheerful one:

And the one that makes me think of a vacation in warmer climes:

And my favorite, of course, the Ghastlies!

Look at those happy faces! Who wouldn't want to go on a road trip with a Ghastlie entourage? . . . Upon reflection, just about anyone of sound mind . . . . Still, they are awfully cute.  (Just to note, the bare branched tree is from the GO! Stems and Leaves die.)

With a little handwork along the way?

Anyway, it's a start on some of those little gifts I need.

And more GO! ahead -- I did just get the half-hexagon die . . . some of those fabrics go way back.  My reproductions are vintage!


  1. Your little cars are adorable!

    1. It's such a fun die. These were really fun to make -- just playtime.

  2. Very cool. I have this die too..never thought of putting it on pouches

    1. I bought the die because it was so darn cute, but then I just couldn't figure out what to do with it. I hit my fall back plan: when in doubt, make it a pouch!