Monday, February 29, 2016

GO! Mini Half-Hexagons

Well, given the status of the sewing room (or more precisely, the amount of time I've been dedicating to the sewing room -- moving stuff out, painting, moving stuff back in, sorting and sorting and sorting some more), there's not been a lot of time or space for actual sewing. But hey, I finally got the sewing machine back in this past weekend and finished up the half-hexagon mini quilt!

I do love the way some of the GO! dies work together. So here's a half-hexagon and a equilateral triangle lined up and ready to sew:

So easy! And here it is sewn and pressed open:

Now, the half-hexagon mini quilt is all done . . . and Lulubelle likes it!

Who is Lulubelle? Well, years ago I made a cloth doll and brought it over to my mom's house to show it to her. We laid it on her couch.

Mom: Hmmmmm.

Me: Wow. She really matches the color of your couch and chairs, doesn't she?

Mom: Hmmmmm.


Me: I suppose she ought to just stay here, huh?

Mom: I think so.

So, that was that. A week later Mom told me the doll was named Lulubelle. Now Lulubelle reigns over the sewing room and reminds me how lucky I was to have a mother who taught me to sew.

As I finish putting the sewing room back together, I have so many ideas!

For one, all the quilts that had been up on the wall came down. I'm thinking it's time to put up some different ones. Which reminds me of all the little quilts I have in process that I still need to finish. Here's a handful:

I think I'm going to do a little more hand quilting in the near future!

Meanwhile, I'm still on my GO! Sew challenge. So, for this coming week, it's getting patches ready for signatures and well wishes!


  1. Sounds like a fresh new start in your sewing room. We need a picture!

  2. Can't wait to see all your little quilts finished, I especially love that Carpenter's wheel!