Monday, July 4, 2011

AccuQuilt Go! Miniatures in Minutes

Or, Be Still My Heart!

How did I miss noticing this for so long?  The Equilateral Triangle die for the AccuQuilt  Go! has the size I need for the Pyramid Triangle foundation from Miniatures in Minutes.  (Well, actually, it is a smidge large but not so much that it matters). 

Here’s a little swap quilt to be.  In process:

And finished:

I used a charm pack and they cut up beautifully.  I picked three charms at a time, folded them in half, and laid them on the Go! die.


After the die was run through, I opened up the fabric and was able to run the scrap through one more time.

That method gave me six triangles per charm.  But then it occurred to me I could reorient the second run through and get even more.  With this next orientation, I got eight triangles a charm.  Very little waste!

In no time at all, I had a nice little grouping of perfectly cut pyramid triangles.

I decided to see how the Go! handled linen as well.  It handled it perfectly.  I cut strips 2 1/2" by 13 1/2".  I was able to fold the strip into quarters and run it through the die, then open it up and run it through a second time to catch the open spaces.  I got 11 triangles per strip.

And with that combination made up a little mug rug.

Both little quilts here used the Pyramid Triangle foundation from Miniatures in Minutes and the project variation that can be found on the Projects 2009 of my website.

I see a bunch more little pyramid quilts in my future.  Thank you Go! 


  1. I have been thinking about the Accuquilt, but it seems to me that there is a lot of waste? What is your opinion on this? I think you "little quilts" are awesome!!

  2. Hi Terrie,
    I have not succumbed to buying an Accuquilt. I am a sucker for just about any kind of notion, but this is too pricey. Not just the machine, but the dies are around $75.00 right? I have seen some in use from friends that have them, and it seems like too much waste of fabric, and too much preparation to get the fabric ready to run through the machine. It would be tempting though. How did you like it?

  3. I just love what you create.

  4. That is really pretty Terrie! The Accuquilt has very little wastage, but you are right about the dies...they are pricey!

  5. I got the equilateral triangle die too and absolutely love it - I love all the things you've made with it but especially the pouch for the pouch swap - I normally don't like patchwork-y bags and pouches but that one is very cool indeed.