Saturday, November 21, 2015

GO! Christmas Hot Pads

So this week's GO! Sew is more little Christmas gifts. The hen and rooster hot pads I did earlier worked so well, I decided to try some Christmas ones as well.

These were fun to make. I'm getting a little better at free motion outlining. Or at least I've learned to go slow enough I make fewer mistakes.

I really love this deer die -- so pretty and elegant.

For reasons purely mysterious, I had trouble with the binding on the one with the dove. Which is why I am absolutely positively not taking a picture of the back.

Isn't the snowman adorable? This one is my favorite, I think. I even managed French knots for his eyes! I lightly trimmed the mittens, so they aren't quite as fat as the die cuts them.

I have a few more to make for gifts, so it's a good thing these whip up so quickly.

I used a bunch of dies with these: the 8 inch circle (perfectly sized for hot pads -- and I can run the fabric, batting, and InsulBrite all through the GO! just fine). Then there's the deer, the dove, the 2/3/5 inch circles, and the holiday accessories dies.  Also the 2 1/2" strip cutter for the binding-- I was even able to cut the strips on the bias.  This GO! Sew challenge I gave myself is leading me to learn all kinds of new tricks.

So far so good on my GO! Sew a Week challenge. I've used my GO! to make up a project and managed to post on it every week since September 7. Which is to say -- go me! (Some puns just can't be suppressed).

I nearly forgot to mention! Thank you to AccuQuilt because I won Eleanor Burn's GO! Sampler book. The quilt on the cover is so pretty in pastels --

But, of course, the one that really spoke to me is the warm colored reproduction style on the back --

A project for the New Year perhaps?


  1. Very nice, Terrie. I like the fact that you are cutting all the pieces with the GO

    1. I was surprised by how many bits of Christmas fabric I have. Not enough for a bigger quilt but more than enough for a bunch of little projects. And I do love my little projects!