Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

It’s snowing.  The temperature is 3 degrees and weather.com  kindly informs me that it feels like –11.  I’m sitting in my office having a Dr. Zhivago moment – beautiful intricate frost designs cover the windows top to bottom.  The only place I can see out is a little bit of top corner.  Brrrrr!

Trudy at Sewing with Trudy won the basket giveaway and since I don’t want to go outside, I’m sending my son to the post office.  He’s young.  He’s hardy.  He’s male.  Young men thrive on pitting their manly selves against the elements, right?  Now, if it was me, I’d just whimper all the way there and back. 

Meanwhile, I’ve also been making some string blocks for a block swap.  I love the fabrics – purples and green.  They make me think of my lilac bushes when they come into bloom.  Think Spring.  Right on.

Oddly enough (given how much foundation piecing I do), my sewing machine did not like sewing these blocks.  I don’t think it liked the thicker paper or the texture on it or something.  We had a few arguments about stitch length and sewing a straight line – I won most of those discussions but, sadly, not all.  Still – such a forgiving pattern, you can’t tell. 

And despite all, I love the effect off all these scrappy strips. If I ever have time (ho, ho, ho), I might have to make one of these up. 

Coming up next: one of my son’s friends is going to have a baby (technically speaking, his wife is).  My son is going to help sew the baby quilt – and oh, yeah, I’m going to want to document that with photos. 

Isn’t it something to see these young men who you knew when they were boys (and getting into all kind of boy trouble) grow up into adults with children of their own?  How the time does fly . . .


  1. 3 degrees?! I guess that means I can't complain about how it dropped to 20 around here last night. Insane. I love the color combo of green and purple; it's one of my favorites.

  2. Green and purple.. I can't believe the two colors could matched beautifully.
    I also in the middle making string block (my month in a bee group).
    very cold there...take care. Here we still have a cloudy 32C.

  3. I couldn't take that cold weather anymore! Your blocks are wonderful...I love the scrappy look and the colours that you are using!

  4. Maybe your machine was cold too! That is freezing. You're going to enjoy watching your DS sew!

  5. congratulations! you won the cupcake fabric giveaway on my blog! I will ship the fabrics to you as soon as I get your address, thanks!

  6. Love your breath of spring blocks!! I use muslin for my string piecing foundation, it is great fun.

  7. I received the basket yesterday. It's so cute. Thank you so much.