Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello, It’s Me

Yes, well.  Clearly, life here slipped loose and got away from me.  I am pleased to say, however, the madness has dissipated and I am once again in control (or as much so as I ever am).  It was so nice to have some of my blogging and swap friends check in on me – and I am really touched by that, so thank you so much.  Quilters truly are the best.

So, here’s some of what’s been happening as I desperately have been trying to catch up!

First, the placemat swap where I once again had fun with tessellating pinwheels.  It was one of those coincidences where both my swap partner and I used red and white fabrics (I’ll have photos of what I received in a day or two):

There’s the S.T.U.D. nothing square or rectangle swap (I really loved the colors on this one):

The Mini QT Chinese Coins swap (this one measured about 12 inches square) – I do love working with those Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Add in a couple of block swaps:

And, the Diamond in a Star quilt top which I’ve called Summer of Love because it came out so 60’s exuberant.  The photo isn’t very good.  Perhaps I’ll catch a better one once the quilting is done.  Meanwhile, the reproduction version is in process and I’ll have photos up soon – as well as the long awaited directions for making up this pattern.

I do believe a giveaway is in order so I’ll have something along those lines coming up soon.

Meanwhile, it’s good to be back.  Today’s my birthday (don’t ask), so I believe some self-indulgence is in order.  Chocolate, anyone?


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you have a good one, yes, thanks - I rarely turn down chocolate - ask my waist!?

    Welcome back, you've been sewing some pretty things. They are all lovely but my favourite is the 2nd pic down - fabbo!!


  2. Happy Birthday...loved seeing all of the lovely quilts.

  3. Happy Birthday! You are working on such lovely things! I'm making a Peanut Butter Cup cake for my graduate, so I'll save you a slice.

  4. So glad you are back!! I've missed you. Many Happy Returns and many more in the future!! Enjoy the chocolate!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is filled with fun an chocolate!

  6. Happy Birthday, yesterday, Terrie

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you've had fun with all the swaps.

  8. Happy Birthday and welcome back. I missed you. Wonderful swap projects.

  9. Hope you had a fantastic Birthday

  10. Happiest belated birthday...and yep, I will take a bit of chocolate!!

  11. Aah...happy birthday Terry!!
    Hope you enjoy the special day so much with ...chocolate!
    I missed your blog post ;)

  12. Happy Birthday. Groovy quilts!