Friday, June 25, 2010

Bags Little and Big

Here’s some of the most recent additions to the carry along pile.  Here’s the bag I started with Joan in Indiana – that bottom fabric is one she picked up in Africa.  So gorgeous!  The pattern is the Mail Sack from Pink Chalk Studio.

I decided that having a couple pretty little bags to cart the small stuff to and from quilt class would be a nice addition (instead of using gallon sized freezer bags), so I made up a couple using a free online tutorial from Pink Penguin:

And another little Snap Happy bag just because they are the most convenient thing ever (just the thing for when all I want to cart along with me is reading classes and a driver’s license).  The black is linen and it’s really very lovely:

And here’s a truly lousy photo but, just to say, the reproduction version of the star in a star wall quilt is in process.

So, that’s it on pictures for the moment. More coming soon.  Hope those of you on this side of the hemisphere are enjoying lovely summer weather (and those on the winter side, hoping it’s not too cold!)

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  1. Ooh cute bags! I love a nice bag I do.

    You've been busy doing lots of fun things lately - me not so much. Thanks for sharing!