Friday, May 13, 2011

Not A Pretty Picture

Literally.  And I am so trying for one. 

C&T Publishing is launching a new pattern site (PatternSpot) coming very soon (more on that later) and I am finishing up a pattern to post on their new site.  I loved how my Circle Game quilt came out, so I thought I would write up directions.

The directions, I am pleased to say, I am quite happy with.  But now I need a picture of the whole quilt.  A pretty picture.  A pattern cover kind of picture. 

Well.  Let’s just say there is absolutely no danger I am going to become a professional photographer soon (or late, for that matter).

How about a pretty little photo showing the lilacs in bloom?


Yes, it’s true. This is me trying to get a photo of the quilt on my lawn with me blindly holding the camera up in the air.  And I didn’t notice the shadow till after I took the shot?

This, sad to say, is the best photo I got.  Size distorted and colors way off.  Honestly, you would never know the colors on this quilt are so bright and fresh and springy.

Bloody but unbowed.  I snap another. This one, cleverly, looks as if I live on a steep hill.  (I don’t).

Time for a tactical retreat.

So, how about this then?  I participated in the pretty pouch swap and received these TWO wonderful pouches from SewCraftyJess. 

The froggie pincushion is mine.  One of my treasures.  He’s standing here all nice and polite because in addition to the pouches, Jess also send me those really cute pin toppers.  A full meal!

I’ve got a pouch ready to go and I’m putting together a couple little extras to go with.

And now?   Well, I’ve been so incommunicado here lately because it’s been end of the semester madness.  Madness that is at fever pitch at the moment.  So I am off to grade more final exams.  And when I can’t take that any longer, it’s me, a quilt, a camera, and the great outdoors (or my backyard corner of it, anyway).  A few prayers would not be amiss. 

Wish me luck.  (Feel free to snicker). 


  1. (snickering) Good luck! Glad to have you back in the blog world!

  2. Ah yes, photography! I recommend avoiding bright sunlight. Just before dusk with a little fill flash can work, but too much flash will cause shadows and the "flashy" look, which you don't want. If you're going for a full-view photo of the whole quilt, like the ones I do on my web site and blog, Photoshop can help correct perspective and skewing, as well as other things like brightness, contrast and color. I do all of my photography in a loft space with a skylight above, and that can cause unevenness with natural lighting. As a solution, I wait until the light from above is less (just before dusk) and photograph with fill flash. Some pictures work better than others, but that's roughly how I do it. Afterwords, I correct perspective, color and brightness/contrast in Photoshop.

  3. Thanks for making me laugh, I needed it. I am not so great at taking pics of my quilts. Since I don't have a blog not too many people see them, so I don't have to worry about how they turn out. I do wish my colors were better. My 10 year old digital does much better than my new one.

  4. Shadows and wind - all contrive to make photography difficult for me outside - you are not alone. Regardless of the photo, that circle quilt is gorgeous!
    Question: Did I miss the announcement on the AccuQuilt mug rug drawing?
    Happy Monday.

  5. no sniggering - good photos can be hard to come by!?

    One thing that might help though - a tripod. Set up the shot, look to see what you got then run back to adjust things.

    Good luck!

  6. I had to chuckle when I read this post and seen your pictures, why? I've done the same thing trying to get good pictures for my blog. I'll have to try Willy Wonkys tips.