Monday, June 6, 2011

Catch Up Begins

At a certain point during the semester I realized I was just not going to get much sewing done, and the Barbara Brackman Civil War Sampler blocks were one of the casualties.  But now it’s summer break and time to get back on track. 

I do love working with reproduction fabrics!

One of the things I’m realizing is that I am pickier than I’d thought.  There are a number of the blocks that with the cutting directions given would finish either an eighth of an inch smaller or larger than eight inches.  And there it is: I can’t do it.  I know that an eighth of an inch can be worked in easily enough when finally assembling the blocks.  Still, I can’t do it.  I modify the directions so that I’ll get a block that finishes at exactly eight inches square.

Like with the Lincoln’s Platform block below right.  I added an eighth of an inch to the measurements on the cross.

Or with the basket block where I changed it up entirely and picked another basket block that is built on a eight patch grid. 

Some cutting directions were fine as given, of course.

And I am a gadget girl, so I liked how the block  below left gave me an opportunity to play with the Eleanor Burns flying geese method and ruler – which worked perfectly, by the by.

So, there it is.  Ten blocks down.  Four blocks more and I’ll be caught up.  And, really, I don’t mind that I’m anal and have to modify those directions on occasion.  I’m just grateful Barbara Brackman is putting together the sampler – and each week I look forward to the history that she provides to the chosen block.  Wonderful stuff. 

Think I can get those final four blocks done this week?


  1. I know you can....I know you can!!!

  2. Gorgeous blocks Terrie! I love them all, esp. the basket block.

  3. Terrie, the blocks are fantastic! I love looking at them. How many blocks in total will be in the collection?

  4. Your blocks look wonderful!!! I have to say I always work out my own measurements and sequence of piecing her blocks, I am a bit on the obsessive side too when it comes to getting the right finished size (or unfinished size as the case may be LOL!!!)

  5. I'm glad that you've had to adjust the blocks to make them all 8 1/2". Some of mine aren't coming out a perfect size and I thought it was because of my lack of attention to perfect seam width!