Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey, hey, hey!

I am finally all caught up on the Barbara Brackman Civil War Sampler blocks!  The Flickr group dedicated to this project is a great source of inspiration.  I followed the lead of some other quilters and used a Blockbase variation on the Blockade block with a serpentine fabric to mimic the Anaconda strategy of the North closing off the South.

And I followed the lead again in using some of Barbara Brackman’s “Union” reproduction fabric when making the Union Square block.

I really love the Missouri Star design.

And, finally, the Ladies’ Aid Album block which was posted yesterday.  I used a Blockbase variation on this one which emphasized the cross effect (cause I liked it better).

And all this means I am really truly all caught up.  Yeah, Terrie!


  1. Nice job! Your blocks are lookn' good.

  2. Very pretty. I love your color combinations.

  3. Beautiful blocks Terrie!!! I am really enjoying making these too!!!

  4. Beautiful blocks Terrie. Fabric selection is great.

  5. I really love the blocks! This is going to be a drop dead beautiful quilt!

  6. Beautiful blocks. I love your fabric choices and the serpentine fussy cut in Blockade is perfect. Had I seen your block before I made mine - I would have followed your lead!