Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Not to Sew

Well, there are days my head is elsewhere.  Sucked into the virtual void.  Left mindlessly but happily entertained.  But first . . .

I did sew.  I planned to sew and I did sew.

Another very pretty block from the Barbara Brackman Civil War Sampler using some of my old favorite reproduction fabrics.

And then it was lunch time.  And I opened the MacBook.  And I remembered that I was curious about what was happening over with Britain’s Got Talent. 

My curiosity began a week or so ago when I stumbled across these two videos(coming up) on YouTube.  Two very different singers but I loved them both. 

First, Jai McDowall.  He’s got stage fright so bad his knees are shaking but then he goes on to powerhouse a song like this

And then Michael Collings.  Another young man, sweet and likeable as can be, with a completely different kind of voice, but what a voice!  Here he is at the audition.  And here he is at the final.  He didn’t win, but he’s probably opened more than a few doors for himself.

And a little more from Jai McDowall – who no doubt has them on their feet in Scotland.  Here he is at the semi-final.  (Can I just say “wow”?)  And the final performance.

So, that’s why I only got one block done this afternoon.  But, hey, it is a very pretty block. 


  1. It is a very pretty block - outstanding.

  2. Wow-- Jai McDowall really can sing! I don't see him filling a place in pop music; rather, he would be amazing on the stage.

    I can see how you wasted so much time. :)

  3. I love your version of Barbara's CW block!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your block and Britain's got talent. Jai McDonald's is totally amazing. Glad I got to hear his performance. You keep the rest of us in the know!

  5. Jai McDowall gave me goosebumps. Good thing you weren't sewing while watching the performance, you might not have gotten the block done!