Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Things

Nothing big has been going on in my sewing room – though I have plenty of motivation to hang out down there since the downstairs is much cooler than the upstairs (which is much cooler than the outside – currently at 93 degrees and climbing).

First, to show off this incredible mini I receive from Milliemorgan, my MiniQT swap with the “A True Mini” theme.  This qualifies, don’t you think?

How lucky am I?  The detail on this is just amazing, and it is only 8 1/2" by 11 1/2".  And I’ve always wanted a Storm at Sea quilt, so how fortuitous is that?

I’m in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap over on Flickr.  My swappee said her favorite fabric designer is Fig Tree so I found a little charm pack over at my local quilt shop (called the Fig Leaf) and had more fun running charms through the Go! using the equilateral triangles die (blog showing how here).  I’m hoping she’ll like it:

I have to admit: I like it enough that I think I’m going to make up another one for myself.  It is coming onto school time again and perhaps I can make something up that would be big enough to slide papers in?

I played around with making a Dilly Bag, and cleverly managed, even though I was trying to pay attention, to orient the zipper wrong.  Still, a cute pattern from Keyka Lou.

And finally, a couple pouches made up for friends (who make sure I get where I’m going) using the Pellon Fusible grid method I blogged on, Part One and Part Two.

And now, since I was foolish enough to gain back too much of that weight I lost a year and a half ago and I am once again on a diet, and a nutritionist has told me to switch to non-fat plain Greek yogurt which I add a little honey and fruit to, I am off to readjust my taste buds – which still, stubbornly yet truthfully, believe that a chocolate bar would make me much happier – though clearly not any thinner. ( Bummer about that). 

Thank God fat quarters aren’t fattening.


  1. For not being in your sewing room much, you have been very prolific. I feel very lucky to be one of the recipients of your sewing talent. My little pouch is sweet, sweet, sweet.

  2. Despite the heat, you have been quite productive!

  3. Thanks Terrie! Just when I was getting ready to tell you how much I liked the on point bag, I saw the link to the tutorial. Maybe I will get around to making one for myself.