Saturday, August 6, 2011

Look What I Got!

I received my Pretty Little Pouch Swap package and aren’t I just the lucky one?

Once again, I received not one but two great little pouches.  Isn’t the little snap pouch perfection?  I love it.  It is exactly to my taste!

The larger pouch is because BeachGirl Sews read my blog where I said I wanted to make a larger pouch for myself to carry papers – so she made one for me!  How sweet is that?

I love the fabrics she chose and the linen with hand stitching.  It’s all perfection, really.

The snap pouch is even perfect on the back.  Look at this:

She even mailed it more creatively than I’ve ever seen.  I’ve blocked off the addresses but look at the envelope she made!

Seriously.  How cool is that?

So, thank you BeachGirlSews.  I love what you sent!

Meanwhile, the pouch I made has been mailed off.  I found a great tutorial on using the AccuQuilt Go! hexagon and equilateral triangle dies to make up a pincushion, so I dashed off one of those and included it in the package.  I believe I have to make a few more of these, I think. 

I’m so impressed by everyone who comes up with such creative uses for the Go! dies.

Meanwhile, I’ve got more stuff coming up.  Remember how I mentioned last post (or so) that I needed to paint the office.  I did.  The color is so close to the previous wall color you probably won’t notice much difference, though it is a little purer in color and a little more teal.  What it mostly is though is a whole lot less dingy!  (Yeah!)  I want to make up new wall quilts to go up there, so I’ll have new projects to show soon (I hope).

Meanwhile, today my own true love and I are off to his company picnic – and it’s going to be hot!  Think cool thoughts . . .


  1. That is one great " snap purse" Lucky you. I am in the market for a new pin cushion and I'm going to bookmark this one. Just darling.

  2. You have such fun with your exchanges. The snap purse is way cute.