Sunday, December 18, 2011

Huffin and Puffin and Almost There

Grading, grading, grading . .  .  keep those finals moving . . .  (think theme to Rawhide, for those of you – ahem – vintage enough to remember the theme to Rawhide).  I wound up with finals on Thursday and Friday of finals week, so it’s been a grading weekend.  Still, if I can get my brain (“this is your brain on vacation; this is your brain during finals” – sizzle . .  .) to cohere long enough, I just might finish it all up tomorrow. 

Just in time to make a bunch of bookmarks for Christmas.  I hope.

Meanwhile, Shez has won the GO! ornaments.  Congratulations!

Earlier in the week, as I was waiting for the finals to roll around, I made up a few more Kindle sleeves. I really will put some up on Etsy.  (I’ve been trying to come up with a shop name.  Daisy Fair is my latest thought).  Making them has been kind of addictive – kind of? – and I don’t really need a lifetime supply.  But, really, aren’t they sweet?

Using the leaves from AccuQuilt GO! Rose of Sharon die:

And the leaves and flowers from the Rose of Sharon die:

And while the red, black, and whites are out, another spotted puppy:

With pretty inside fabric, too:

For anyone who missed, I have the tutorial for making up these sleeves here.

I also have an Xmas table runner to finish which really has to be done this week, so I should have pictures soon.


  1. your kindle sleeves look great!

  2. Terri the sleeves are adorable . We go to school until the 23rd. Feliz navidad to you and your love ones

  3. Very cute and fun! Great projects! I just got a cutter... so will be experimenting. Just need a little 'time off' from the real work of the day!

  4. gee how cute are these,well done.