Sunday, February 19, 2012

11 Project Progress Plan–Moving On

Well, I had hoped to finish my January project.  That didn’t happen.  Still, I moved from this:

1 11 Project Progress start 1[3]

to this:

I added 6 rows and picked out the border fabric and the backing fabric.  The dark fabric in the lower right corner will be the border and the light fabric right above will be combined with the border fabric for the backing.  So, didn’t finish but I most definitely made progress. 

February is No. 7.  And for me, that is a “Love Quilts” row quilt:

This was a row quilt my Batting Beauties quilt group did years ago.  I made the top row that says Quilts and provided the background fabric and all the batiks.  We did a round robin of making rows for each other so at the end of the year I had gotten all the other rows.

There’s a story to the bottom row of hearts.  I had said I wanted my group to use only batiks.  One group member decided she wanted to do her own thing.  So she added a country themed fabric with little sewing objects on it.  When I got all the rows back, I laid them up on the wall, and no matter how long I stared at it, I couldn’t make myself live with that one row.  The country look didn’t fit at all. 

So, I shoved guilt aside and took apart her row,  I was really careful to keep all the other batiks she used the same, kept them in the same order, and replaced the upper left quadrant of each heart that had country kitsch and replaced it with a batik.  She’s no longer in our quilt group, so I’m hoping she’ll never know!

Look at the beautiful rows I got.  Aren’t those clamshells fabulous worked like that?  I would never have thought of that design, but it creates the most marvelous effect.  And all of them are just so beautiful.

So what held me up on this?  For one, there’s a gap in the border seam that I need to fix.  For two, I never really liked the border fabric.  It was the best I could find at the time.  I still don’t love it but I’m thinking if I keep the border narrow, then it will be okay.

And here it is, the better part of the month done so I have to get some work done on it this next week.  Progress, baby.  It’s all about progress!


  1. Sometimes progress is of the snail's pace variety isn't it? So frustrating, but you've gotten a lot done and I love the 'Quilts' top.

  2. Terri, I love your triangle project. It would be great for a scrap challenge. Did you paper piece it or did you use the Go?

  3. You are making great progress. It's funny what will hold us back on a project. Sometimes putting some time distance on it does make it easier to move forward. Keep moving!!!

  4. Yay, Terrie! See you on March 1.

  5. Oh my gosh, is there a pattern somewhere for that interlocking ribbon motif in the fourth row down? Who is the brilliant quilter that came up with it and how can I learn to do that? I love it so very very much!