Friday, June 29, 2012

It’s Time

It’s definitely been past time for me to pay some attention to my neglected Etsy shop, Daisy Fair.  So I made up a new iPad sleeve.  This one is definitely sweet and feminine.  It’s designed to fit either an iPad 2 or an iPad 3, with or without a Smart Cover.

I love that the vintage button has just a bit of bling.  Here it is with the flap open:

From the back:

And with a peek at the lining fabric:

I love this one.  Just so pretty.  The fabrics are metallic so it’s got some sassy fancy attitude.

Given the empty shelves in my shop, I think I better make up a few more this coming week.

Meanwhile, to anyone who is interested, you can also buy the pattern to make this on my Etsy shop as well.


  1. Beautiful. Best ever ipad sleeve!


  2. I love the bird on the front! Did you fussy cut or stamp it on?

  3. I fussy cut the fabric. Gorgeous fabric, isn't it?