Friday, March 1, 2013

Bookmarks ‘R Us

Hi Regina,

Here’s some possibilities:


Pastel 1

Pastel 2

Pastel 3

And just cause I was playing, Asian fabric

I have been on a definite book mark binge here lately with the digital scrapbooking.  I picked up two new sets from Digizine, Cream n Sugar and Legacy of Love.  And made some pretty feminine bookmarks:

And I also picked up a little more steampunk fun, London Adventure and from Hidden Vintage Studios, Ladies and Men.   So, using those and my previous steampunk kit and some a little from the Graphics Fairy as well, I made up a bunch of steampunk bookmarks.  Here’s just a few of my favorites.

I’ve just been having fun making them up, so I’ve been giving them away to students.  A male student complained about the butterflies and flowers.  Jeez.  I’m on a quest now – to make manly bookmarks, which, of course, cannot contain any of the questionable material I found when I went on line looking for masculine bookmarks!

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