Saturday, November 7, 2015

GO! Hot Pads

Just playing around to see how well I like using the AccuQuilt GO! 8 inch circle for making hot pads. I'm thinking I'll make some holiday ones up for gifts.  Meanwhile, I used the GO! Fowl die to play with.

Those are cute enough. I think I might try some simple piecing in the background next time. Perhaps some snowmen in a simple snow and sky landscape?

Meanwhile, I've got some hen and roosters hot pads. As typical given my photo skills, I have to say they are more fun and colorful up close and personal.

This last one was the first one I stitched -- with a contrasting yellow thread, no less. Yeah, those are some hop, skip, and jump stitches I've got going there! But hey, they're hot pads. I can live with it. 

And I've got two bigger projects in the pipe line as well. I just got the Circle Rag die. I'm really curious to see how that will go.  Meanwhile, it's a beautiful fall day. The leaves are falling and the sky is blue.  Gorgeous days . . .  I'm doing my best to appreciate them before those cold winds of winter begin to blow. But when those cold winds do start to blow? There will be new quilts to snuggle under. So, there's that.