Monday, December 14, 2015

GO! Minis and More Christmas

Well, my swap mini quilt made it to its destination. Whew! I was worried there for a few days. This quilt used the Equilateral Triangles (which I've noted before serendipitously fits the Pyramid Triangle foundation from Miniatures in Minutes). So, first, little triangles:

The challenge was to create a monochromatic quilt. My partner said she liked orange, triangles, and a light touch on the quilting. So, here it is:

The pieced center section measures 7" by 8" finished. I do love minis!

And in order to keep up with doing something each week using the GO! (though I was sick, sick, sick, this last week), I pulled out a pretty Christmas charm pack.

And ran it through the AccuQuilt GO! 3 1/2" finished Drunkard's Path die -- because look at how well the charm fits the die!

Just a wee bit of fabric waste.

It's a start.

Christmas decorations are, bit by bit, making an appearance -- which always baffles Cooper.

But we did get our lovely wooded tree from Festive Tree put up. We just LOVE this tree. Our living room is small -- avoiding the space hogging of a real tree is great. Plus this speaks to my own true love's Scandinavian roots.  It is much prettier than this picture does justice!

 Meanwhile, is it white enough out there?


  1. Ohhh just love those Christmassy drunkard's path pieces--this will be so lovely....nice! Hugs Julierose

    1. The fabric is actually a little nosier than I usually go for, but so pretty. Besides, it's the holidays. Time to spark it up!

  2. Love your tree - just right for a few very special ornaments!

    1. The tree is so pretty. And we sorted through our ornaments to pare down -- quite a lot of our collection will be going to the kids. The tree really is nice for displaying some of our favorites!

  3. The mini triangles you put together for your swap is delightful and perfect with miniatures in minutes foundation. The orange just shouts out, look at me! Love your tree. Hope you're feeling better.

  4. That orange really does shout out, doesn't it? Nothing subtle there! I am slowly recovering and not nearly as quickly as I would like given that it's finals -- the absolute worst time to get sick!