Saturday, August 27, 2016

Am I Blue?

There's a lot of blue going on around here.

There's more denim rag circles.

And then with the French General added.

I love that combination, the red, grey, and tan of the French General against the blue denim. But yikes, that quilt project seems to be one I can only work on in small doses! (It's so heavy and hard to maneuver once I'm joining rows).

Plus some more crochet.

Dishcloths. Because, why not?

And a little coffee mug cozy and coaster. (I've got no excuse).

A couple of new GO! dies showed up at the house yesterday. Perhaps I can find something fun to do with them this week?


  1. Cute things happening at your house despite the fact you had to report to work!

    1. What I really love about the crochet is that I can just grab some when we're going out for even a short drive. All those little bits of time really add up!