Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did you ever throw a party . . . ?

Feeling just a wee-bit (read: overwhelmingly) self-conscious here. Newbie all around and just wondering -- if a blogger whispers in the deep, dark forest of the world wide web and no one hears, has she blogged?

Or, did you ever throw a party and no one came? I did, once, sort of. My mother forgot we were coming to visit (my mother) and was off, somewhere, gaily gallivanting. My brother and sister rolled in just a tad late. Breaking into Mom's house through the garage was kind of fun, but it did give rise to worrying thoughts about her home security and personal safety. All to throw said mother a surprise party, who was at least truly taken aback when she (finally) came home and found all her off-spring sitting around the dining room table. Still, the birthday cake was delicious, and I'd never seen my mother blush before.

So, this is just to say: hello. Self-conscious or not, I'm glad to be here. A word lover from way back, I've been watching from the sidelines, feeling both jealous and inept, as so many have found a voice on the web. I'm looking forward to joining the conversation. It's a heady place, the web.

Where do I start? With beginnings. With quilts. With a book that was just released this past January and the new opportunities that come with it. With friendship -- and what is quilting about if not friendship? With just wanting to share my love of quilts and the making of them.

Yes, begin with the quilts. Begin with right here and right now, with what's causing the mess in the sewing room today. Working on the notepads that will be next month's projects. Sorting through fabric and wondering, "Was I just a wee bit ambitious (read: delusional) when I said I'd post a new miniature quilt project on the website the first of every month?"

Never mind second guessing because I love it, the fabric, the piecing, watching it all come together. I can't get enough of those Japanese taupes. So soft and lovely.

And blue, green, purple with a touch of white to crisp it up? A definite favorite. Spring is coming and I look at those fabrics and can almost smell lilacs in the air. And that bit of ric-rac makes me very happy. And, could you ignore the funky camera angle that makes the notepad look pear shaped? It isn't, I swear.


  1. Welcome Terrie! Loved your surprise party for your mom story at the top :) Congrats on your new book - how very exciting!

  2. Hi Terrie,
    Welcome to blogging. I saw your post on flickr - doll quilt swap. Looks like you're off to a great start!

  3. Welcome to blog land! Don't make it a work place, have fun, join in and show us what you have!

  4. Oh, I have comments! Thanks, you guys! Aren't quilters the best?

  5. Welcome, Terrie! Always glad to welcome a new voice to the conversation.

  6. Hi, I've headed over from the Doll quilt Swap. I look foward to hearing about your quilting adventures. You look very young to be doing all this!