Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doll Quilt Swapping

Discovering the online quilt swap community has been wonderful –  I’ve joined Doll Quilt Swap 6 and am having a blast!  The bits and pieces of quilts I get to see are so fantastic and inspiring!  Hop over here to see the Flickr photo stream of these lovelies.  Soon, we will be mailing quilts out to their new homes.  So today’s fun in the sewing room is to hunker down and quilt this little guy so its ready to journey on. 


It’s a new pattern for the Pyramid Triangles foundation from Miniatures in Minutes.  I’ll post the project for this version on the website sometime soon.  Perhaps in May? I love the Kaffe Fasset fabrics that I made it up with here, but I’m also thinking about other possibilities as well.  Could be mighty pretty done up in red and white . . . . 

That’s definitely one of the things I love about miniatures.  They make up so quickly I can indulge my urge for multiple versions.  Here’s another Pyramid Triangles quilt, the project posted in February – all bright and contemporary done up in batiks. 

tri mini quilt

And here’s another version (still needs to be quilted) I just made up using reproduction fabrics.  I really like how dramatic the batik version is, but I’m also loving the softer, more traditional appeal of this one.


So, there it is: you can never have too many quilts.

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