Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Fabric

I was one of the lucky winners over at the Park City Girl Quilt Festival and received these lovely half-yard cuts (Darla by Tany Whelan) from Down Shadow Lane

bag fabric

They came today and were just so pretty I had to sew something up immediately – and, for once, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  I’ll be going to Quilt Market in a couple of weeks (*** See note below), and I could really use a  make-up bag.

I’ve never been much of a “girl,” and, really, there just hasn’t been a lot of make-up in my life.  I am actually still using the wee make-up bag that my mother gave me back when I was in college (let’s not dwell on how long ago that was).  I’m willing to admit: it’s time to up my game.  I had ordered a wristlet pattern from Oh, Fransson!  recently and decided if I left off the handle, it would be just perfect.  Aren’t these fabrics wonderful?  Thank you, Down Shadow Lane!

bag outside 2

bag inside

I think it came out so pretty!  (And Oh, Fransson!’s pattern is so wonderfully clear that even I was able to get the zipper in and the lining working like it should.)

*** About that going to quilt market.  Did you notice how casually I mentioned it?  Pretty smooth.  Downright sophisticated.  Like I do this kind of thing all the time . . . Not!  Actually, I’m more or less beside myself.  This will be my first time doing anything like this.  Wow. 

Even though I’ve been a teacher for over twenty years and I’m in a classroom speaking before a group of people all the time, I’m a little worried about this one.  I might forget that English is my first language; I might forget it’s my only language and end up making strange guttural noises that will have shop owners backing away ever so slowly and carefully.  Let’s not upset the crazy quilter.

Then there’s the small matter of how long it’s been since I’ve been on a plane.  (Not giving details on that one because, frankly, it’s embarrassing).  I’m the kind of person who could get lost going around the block.  What if I end up in Poughkeepsie?  It could happen. 

All I can say, wish me luck!  I am so going to need it.


  1. Adorable bag - yes it was just the thing with the lovely fabrics you won!
    You'll be fine at market and flying; just like riding a bike, it all comes back. (But if you need a personal assistant to go with you, just let me know - I love to travel!)

  2. I love the make up bag, it's very sophisticated with the gorgeous fabric. Have a good time at market.

  3. Your bag is adorable! Glad you got the fabrics so quick :) You'll do fine at market -- everyone loves quilting and you will be in your element, once you get there :)

  4. Terrie love the make up bag! Your writing is great, makes me smile and I am all for that. Am so glad I found your site, now quilt group will happen more often for me by visiting you( if that made any sense).
    talk with you soon, oh and I loved the Barbara story at market.