Saturday, May 23, 2009

Merry Monster

A Merry Monster Mixing Magic for a Mindful Mouse has come to live with me! 

Poor guy, he must think his cute little green self isn’t enough because look at all the goodies he packed in his carry on:

Someone must have whispered in his ear that  milk chocolate is a guaranteed (green) foot in the door.  Perhaps he’s worried about missing old friends because he brought along a great little pop up album of his best buds!  I’m not sure if the moisturizer is for me or him (slaving away all day over a hot cauldron is hard on a monster’s skin, you know).  The McCall’s bag pattern is incredibly cute.  The magnet frame would be in the photo except it is already stuck to the refrigerator!  And, as if all this weren’t enough to make me feel all too lucky, look at the mushroom fabric!  It is so darling and wonderful it makes me downright giddy.  

Thank you Kimmie for such a wonderful package!  I just love the Merry Monster!  He’s so incredibly cute.  I love the purple, green, orange color combination.  The prairie triangles along the top are wonderful.  (Did you know I’m a  Buffy the Vampire fan and have read a goodly amount of fantasy fiction over the years?) 

Here’s a close-up of the latest guardian to watch over me while I work in the sewing room (lots of sharp and hot objects in there – I really do need watching over). 

Meanwhile, I was able to see this guy arriving because I was down in my sewing room working on the letter R.  I must sadly admit that my ability to think R alliteration has gone right down the tubes.  In fact, my ability to think R at all has been pretty pathetic.  I’m blaming this on the fact that my brain was (is) still in a state of frizzle and sizzle due to the madness of the end of the semester and Quilt Market all coming together in one week!  My husband, bless his honest (but dark) heart, looked at my quilt in progress and helpfully shared with me that my interpretation of R was “weak.” In the same generous spirit of helpful hubbydom, he added, “You’ve got an MFA in Creative Writing for God’s sake.  Shouldn’t this be a shoe-in for you?”  Well, yes, honey.  Thanks for that.  Don’t you need to go hammer something or . . . something?

Not that he wasn’t right.  I don’t think anyone is going to look at this quilt and immediately think, “R – I’ve got it!”  On the other hand, it’s a very cute quilt (even my dearly beloved agrees) in colors that Kimmie likes.  So, I think she’s going to like it anyway.  Meanwhile, here’s a little bit of it – a  sweet kitty with a red ball because, you got it, red begins with R.

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