Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catch UP, Terrie!

Wow, the end of the semester did me in.  I have been totally word avoidant.  Reading romance novels like they are going out of style and not generating a single sentence of writing myself.  A mental lumpen am I!  However, I’m back, even if belatedly.  If nothing else, I had to show off this beautiful quilt that Ruth sent me:

This little beauty came my way via the 6" to 12" mini quilt swap.  Ruth and I are exchanging Valentine samplers.  I’ve started some of my blocks but no photos till the quilt is sent and received (though I can say some of the block patterns are exactly the same as these).  Isn’t this just perfect?  The colors in the photo aren’t as nice as I would like.  This is absolutely charming – with those ever so darling prairie points and hand quilting to boot.  Pressure is on!

Here’s some snowman blocks for the Bee Pieceful block swap.  I was sent the printed fabrics and was allowed to add some solid(ish) red and greens (which I only did in the last block).  Very fun, very cute fabric.

I have made two little doggie treat bags so far but haven’t been happy with either yet, so I’m holding off showing pictures of those.  What I want is a doo-hickey that I could sew onto the back of the treat bag that could then clip onto a coat or pant pocket but I haven’t found anything like that at Joann’s so I am improvising.  Let’s just say trying to use suspender hooks was creative but not terribly successful.  Back to the drawing board!

I’m finally getting to the January web project.  It is in process in my sewing room.  Photos soon.

And, one last promise of things to come, the semester is about to begin and as part of my long standing tradition of always starting the semester with something new, I think a pencil case may be in order.  Though I’m also wondering if I couldn’t do a pretty fabric file folder.  Perhaps.  That may be a little over the top.  But since I have nothing against littering my sewing room with unsuccessful attempts at this, that, or the other, I’ll probably give it a go.

Cheers to all.  Hoping everyone is off to a great start on the new year.


  1. Nice to see you back!

    The year is indeed off to a start, great, not so much.

    When you say clip onto a pocket, I take it you mean like an ID badge clips on, rather than onto a belt loop? Cos the latter is easy, there are loads of trigger hooks/swivel hooks/lobster clasps around and about.

    ok, sorry, UK/US english problem. I was about to suggest the kind of clamps you get for braces, and see that you have already tried that. UK suspenders are the undergarment you hold up your stockings with! UK braces are the, often colourful, straps you hold up your trousers with. (that'd be pants to you, but that is a whole nother thing, cos the idea of needing braces to hold up your pants.....)

    Anyway.... pencil case sounds nice!


  2. umm, just thought - clothes peg? Binder clamp?

  3. Hi Terrie -- has what you're looking for. It's called Quick Slip Keeper. They come in 3 sizes. I've used them for dog treat bag myself.

  4. Terrie,
    Great to see someone else reads romance novels when they need a brain break! I find they are perfect for giving my mind a rest while at the same time providing a light distraction so I don't ruminate on all the issues at hand. After a pile of those babies, my mind is back and the creative juices are, well if not flowing, they are at least trickling again!