Sunday, January 17, 2010

School Supplies Revisted

I still haven’t gotten to that pencil case, but I did make a pretty new file folder case.  I always have so many papers I’m hauling to and from campus.  The folder I’ve been using  has been, granted, quite practical but also – just plain ugly.  This is going to make me much happier!  I’ll post a tutorial for the pattern within the next couple weeks.  It was a very easy project – the worst part was attaching the buttons to the sides.   Here’s the front:

Here it is open (with pretty file folders):

And here it is from the back and side (I had fun raiding the button box for the mismatched buttons holding the sides together):

I love, love, love this fabric line!  So incredibly pretty.  The semester is about to begin (so adieu my lovely break),  but I’m teaching two classes I really enjoy, one teaching students to write about their discipline to people outside academia, the other an intro to poetry class.  Very nice. 

And, just to keep things rolling, I’m teaching a class in EQ6 next weekend.  A busy week coming up but, hey, how can I not face it with good cheer when I have such a pretty thing to take with me?

Oops!  Nearly forgot to mention – Terry won the patch set for the Amish miniature quilt.  Congratulations, Terry!


  1. Ooooh - pretty!

    That has turned out VERY nice. Hope there is enough Rouenneries left to make a matching pencil case!!

    You can write about quilting to your class - bet that's a discipline outside their own for most of them ;-) Sounds like a very good thing - too many academics only write for each other and the rest of us mere mortals huvny a scooby. (That's local rhyming slang - Scooby Doo = Clue)


  2. great file folder, I would love this for myself!
    actually would make great gifts too
    and yes just love those fabrics too

  3. SueBee said:

    What a great project. Would make great gifts for that on the go class person. I also love that fabric line. Have a project right here ready to go with it.

  4. Great file folder and good luck with the class!