Sunday, February 7, 2010

EQ6 and Rouenerries, Take One

I’m totally in love with this fabric line, and so even though most of the quilts I make these days require the barest smidgens of fabric to make, I indulged and bought a fat quarter of each of the ones my local quilt shop had in stock.  Now, what to DO with them? 

EQ6 makes it very easy to import images of fabrics into the program.  And Moda has made it very easy to get the images.  From the Moda website you can download a zip file of the fabric scans.  Easy peasy.  Once I import the fabric scans into EQ6, I can play with designing quilts using the exact fabrics I want and end up with a pretty good preview of what the finished quilt will look like. 

I taught a class in EQ6 just a couple weeks ago and one of the blocks that I discussed as an easy Serendipity block was this framed nine patch. 

nine patch framed

And then because I often like to work with blocks that are similar in design, I modified the block to omit the nine patch in the center.

framed block no outline

And put them together in an on-point layout using one of the automatic borders.

rouenerries quilt no outline

I’ve got lots more design play in mind before I decide on a pattern but I do rather like this as a beginning point.  I’m not real happy with the thick strips in the corners though.  I’ve got all new ideas in mind as well but clearly this one still needs some tweeking.  Of course, these fabrics are so pretty, I don’t believe it’s possible to go too far wrong.  And now?  Enough time on the computer for one Sunday morning.  I’m off to go for a walk (even though it’s snowing, though nothing like it is back East for which we are grateful) and then it’s time to get into the sewing room and start playing with real fabric instead of virtual. 


  1. Wonderful computer tool, I wish I could have had this before I started my Rouennerie Quilt. It is my first big Quilt ever, so I hope the final product will look nice, since most of my planning was in my head.
    Thanks for the info I will think of using this next time.
    Have a nice Sunday sewing, I will.

  2. Wow I love what you have done with this fabric. I've only just begun to learn EQ and have not spent a lot of time with it. I bought some French General (FQ's) but I am in the same situation, trying to decide what to do with it.

  3. I would put plain blocks in the corners to eliminate those thick lines.
    Then it becomes a very nice quilt.
    Judy B