Saturday, February 6, 2010

Swaps and All

Oh, so much sewing yet to do.  But here’s a little that’s been going on.  Ruth received her Valentine sampler for the 6" to 12" swap so I can display it now.  The hearts on this are two inches square each.  I challenged myself to restrict myself to the fabrics in a charm pack (except for the white background) which is why the border is pieced – I really liked the effect of the slightly scrappy border.

For the Bee Pieceful block swap I made up a wonky star with the fabrics Jennifer sent to me.  Such an easy technique.  I can’t believe I haven’t made one of these before now.  I’m thinking a wonky star quilt done in batiks might be rather nice in my tv room (not that I have the time to throw in another project right now).

And then there’s the January S.T.U.D. swap.  Here’s the lovely little quilt that came to me from the Netherlands.  I simply couldn’t get a good picture on this one I’m afraid.  The fabrics are really luscious – it’s like looking through the leaves of a rain forest.  Thank you, Wendy!

And here’s the January quilt I sent out.  I’ve been in an Amish mood of late.  Can you tell?

I once again drew the entire quilting design on Golden Threads paper.  The straight lines are just there to help me orient the design.  (I do quilt in the ditch first to stabilize the little guy).

Here’s the paper set over the quilt:

I used the EQ quilting motifs library (again, of course) for the designs.  I love how easy that makes it to size my motifs exactly to the fit I want (which is otherwise a bit of a challenge with these minis).

Now I am off to the sewing room to sew up some blocks for another swap.  With any luck, I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow. 


  1. I really love the little amish quilt, I am going to have to try this with the golden threads paper for hand quilting.
    do you find it stays put with just that little pinning?
    Does it start to rip as you move around the quilt?
    I have used this for machine quilting , its been a while and don't remember any problems but you weren't handling it like you would be with hand quilting
    Thanks for the tip , don't you just love EQ?
    Great blog post Terrie

  2. meant to say the little heart quilt is adorable and I would have loved to have it show up in my mailbox.
    I love the border good personal challenge!
    the other swap blocks are great!

    can you tell me about the 6 to 12" swap?