Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mom Said

Mom said I could be her guest blogger because she's too tired. She said it's because I’m so curious.  I don’t know why my being curious about things should make her so tired.

Anyway. I'm supposed to introduce myself. My name is Cooper. Mom and Dad said I'm named after the actor who played Will Kane in a movie called "High Noon." Their last dog (he was a cousin of mine) was named Wyatt Earp, and they said naming me Cooper kept up with the Western theme – because I'm an Australian Shepherd, and even though we're called Australian, we were bred in the American West. (That's confusing). They also said that Gary Cooper was handsome and I'm handsome, too.

Mom told Dad I was a really good puppy today. She also said, "All things considered." (Do you know what she's considering?) She said I kept her busy. I kept me busy, too. After all, I am a working dog. I had a lot of work to do.

I've never lived in a house before, and I'm learning there are a lot of rules. I'm not allowed to piddle wherever I want. In fact, I'm not supposed to piddle inside at all. I'm not sure why, but Mom gets so happy when I piddle on the grass that I'm really trying to remember.

Mom gave me toys and said I could chew on them. I like my soft toy. (It squeaks!)  But there's all this other stuff that Mom says I can't chew at all. Not the chair or the table leg or the handle on the fireplace inset or the computer cords. Not even her hair or her toes. I try and sneak in a quick nibble here and there, you know, when Mom's not looking. She's pretty smart though and catches me right away. Still, I'm thinking some day that I'll be able to get to that fireplace handle. I'll just have to chew fast.

And I learned to go down the stairs! They scared me at first, but I finally went down each and every one (the treats helped). Mom told me I was very brave, just like that hero Gary Cooper played.

Once I made it down the stairs I got to visit Mom's sewing room. She has a lot of stuff in there. (I'm not supposed to chew on any of it either, but I don't think she'd notice if I chewed up just one or two things, do you?) Mom said we'll visit the sewing room a lot. She sure was busy in there. She said tomorrow I can show you what she's working on.

Mom just gave a big yawn and told Dad it's been a long day. I think she must be right because when I think about all I've done today, I'm tired, too. I'm going to sleep now. Last night I whined a little when they put me in the crate (cause I missed my brother), but I'm going to try and be very brave and not whine at all tonight. And tomorrow I'm going to remember to piddle outside each and every time. Cause, you know, when Mom's happy, I'm happy.



  1. Hi Cooper, You did such a nice job of guest blogging and I enjoyed hearing about your busy day. I'm sure you are a very good little dog, eager to learn and you're going to be so happy in your new home.

  2. Hi Cooper

    Nope, no piddling, no chewing and no barking or jumping all over your visitors either! But I'm sure your nice Mom and Dad will take you for lots of long (tiring) walks to make up for it.

    It's good you are there so they won't be so sad anymore.

    Be a good dog,

  3. I'm so glad you have a new baby at your house. Can't wait to meet Cooper.

  4. What a handsome young Ausie lad! My Shoeshine is a blue myrle...almost 14 years old, and by far the easiest pup to train. A string of bells on the door was our solution to the outside thing. He woulddn't bark or whine at me just come sit infront of me and stare. I didn't pick up on the fact that he wanted to go out. Show him something 3 times and he knew it. Hope you and Cooper have as easy a time, just don't let him get bored...thats when the trouble starts with Ausies. I'm sure it's the beginning of a long and loving friendship.

  5. Terri,
    I love your new dog, but funny enough if you look at the pics of Rufus and his eyes in particular, Coop could be a twin of him. Good luck! He seems to be really getting attachd to you. I wish you amny good years with Coop.

  6. Cooper looks like a keeper. Best wishes on all your adventures together!

  7. Cooper, so glad you have a forever family....Tigger , the Shetland Sheep dog,says for you to just keep trying and they will love you. She knows how important it is to keep herding doggies busy after all, sheep can keep a girl/guy really runnin' and that is what you were bred to do.