Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just in Time

Classes start tomorrow, but I finished the bag tonight.  Whew!  The pictures are not good on color.  If I can grab some time tomorrow, I’ll try and take some outside.  Meanwhile, here’s from one side.  You can see in this photo that the lining fabric folds over so that it looks like binding on the top edge.

Here’s from the other side. 

Hmmm.  Taken in another room with different lighting.  The actual color is perhaps somewhere in between the two?  Not so light a gray as the top photo and not nearly as beige-y as the second.  The top one is definitely closer though.

Here’s the inside – I do love having lots of pockets.

And here’s why everything is moving so slow:

A healthy pup, saying, “We can play some more, right?  Right? Right now?”


  1. It's beautiful! Wish I were in the class! Have fun.

  2. beautiful-you have inspired me to try to make a more complicated bag!! Thanks.

  3. Very nice! Great bag.

    I notice you haven't put a closure on the top? I never want one myself, but when anyone else sees my bag they always want a zip or something. Me no likey - they complicate matters!


  4. It is fabulous Terri. My students come back today too. Good luck to both of us.

  5. That bag is sharp...really sharp! and Cooper...a face that needs a kiss...what a sweetie!

  6. Auww...your cute puppy!!

    your tote is gorgeous.
    Your "mini quilt' on it really pop up lovely!

  7. Wish I could take your class. It is lovely!

  8. That's a beautiful bag Terrie...I can see that Cooper would be keeping you very busy, but I know you love him!

  9. I just "met" you over at Micki's and I love what you are doing. The bag is just gorgeous.

  10. Lots of tiny pieces and they make an elegant bag.

  11. I just love your bag! All those tiny pieces, and so accurately pieced...just gorgeous!