Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tote Bag In Process

The new school year is nearly upon us.  That means a new school bag is in order.  Not that the old school bags aren’t still good, or won’t get used.  It’s just – the school year always begins with a new school bag.  I’m not quite sure what this one is going to look like yet, but  I have a basic idea.  And I have faith: the bicycle trunk case may have kicked me in the patootie but I know I can make a bag. 

Anyway.  I know the design is going to include two outer pockets that show off a couple miniatures.  Often times I know what I’m going to do before I start cutting fabric.  (That is time efficient).  Other times, I just cut a bunch of patches.  Like this.

Then I just play till I get a design I like.

Then, I prepare the foundation.

Create the Patch Layout Guide:

And sew it up.  (Here it is with the patches all added but the rows not yet sewn).

After the rows are  joined, the foundation trimmed, and paper removed, it’s time to square it up.  I like to draw a square on freezer paper – in this case, a 7 1/2" square since the finished foundation is 7" by 7".

After the mini is squared:

So, now it’s time to design another foundation and think about how exactly I’m putting the bag together.  (I’m rather pleased to say that the dark brown linen is actually a pair of pants that no longer fit me since I’ve lost weight.  Yippee ki yay, indeed.)

During all of this, Cooper was my helper. 

He helped by putting his nose in all the messiest places in my sewing room, ever so tactfully reminding me there is some clean up that should be tackled soon

He did finally settle for giving his chew toy a good work out.  Is that slobbery or what?

And then, gave out and got past me to another messy corner I didn’t particularly want him in.  Thank heaven he just wanted to nap and not chew on those cords!  (which will be out of the zone come tomorrow).


I’m missing Wyatt fiercely but it’s comforting to have a new companion deciding the sewing room is a good place to hang out.  (That is when we’re not on walks – and I’m getting a whole lot more walking in these days.  Those walks just keep getting longer and longer.  I know it’s good for me, but frankly my middle aged muscles are saying, “What the heckAnother walk?  Are you kidding me?”)

Until tomorrow.  Cooper’s words of advice for the day: “Play hard.  Sleep hard.  Be happy in the morning.”

Nothing like a puppy to get down to basic wisdom.  Cheers.


  1. Terri, I love the idea of the pockets being a miniature quilt. Looking forward to seeing your new bag.

  2. Your new project is awesome, with all those little pieces.
    Love the Cooper photos. I am hoping that my little mutt will be a sewing room companion someday. He's getting there, but he still sees my sewing space as a great place to explore and get into trouble.

  3. Know exactly what you mean about missing Wyatt...I miss my Skeeter still, Tigger helps but she is still a "wild child". Love the mini...will make a neat bag...

  4. That is going to make a wonderful bag! Cooper is looking so cute! He is a great helper.

  5. Your bag is going to be so very pretty! I love your Cooper!