Monday, November 29, 2010

In the Mail

The little quilt for the mug rug swap went in the mail today.  It doesn’t look anything like the other mug rugs!  Virtually every other one is a bright contemporary design.  But my swapee likes Civil War reproductions fabrics and, Lord knows, I have plenty of those (and LOVE them), so I whipped up a half-size version of my Road to Kansas.


I don’t normally wash my little quilts but I went ahead and washed this one to get a crinkly old fashioned look. 

The grand news in my quilting life is that the gadget girl in me succumbed and bought an Accuquilt Go.  I have been playing with the Round Flower die (much more on that coming later) and made a couple of reproduction fabric coasters to go with the mug rug.


I’m not absolutely pleased with my ideas on those yet –  a little playing around yet to do.  Still, possibilities.

Another swap block went out today as well – a wild and crazy little house.


I’ve still got a few more swap blocks to make up before I am right with the world.  After that, too many ideas in my head.  First, there’s that Accuquilt.  Oo0h la la!  I’ve got lots of ideas floating around but first off, I’ll be showing a mail sack bag and a wall quilt in progress.  I don’t have any photos yet so that will have to wait a day or two.

And then the other thought: next year is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War (as, really, most quilters know).  We’re rather big into the Civil War in my house and besides that, I do love those reproduction fabrics, so I think I need to dedicate some of 2011 to Civil War projects as well.

And, of course, if I could just have the time to do all this, I’d be fine.  (One of the wisest things anyone ever said to me was that people confused buying a book with buying the time to read it.  Triple that five times over for quilt ideas, right?)

Meanwhile, it has been a cold and blustery day here in the Fort.  Still, there I was, bundled up resembling the Michelin tire man (only not such a happy face) so that I could take the bundle of energy pup out for his walk – because otherwise he is a crazy bundle of energy pup.  Brrrr!  Heroic, I say.


  1. Don't you wash your quilts to get the glue out?

    I just finished my first miniature project using your technique. Turned out pretty good. One side/row is slightly off, not sure where I went wrong. I found I had to restitch several rows, after I removed the paper, as there were little holes at many of the seams. I did the triangle Christmas tree. Maybe I should have started with a square pattern. That'll be next.

    Will send you a link to the blog post once I've written it.

  2. I love the mug rugs. They turned out beautifully!