Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Lovely Ladies of Olathe

I had the most wonderful time visiting Kansas.  The Olathe Quilt Guild is full of such talented members – the quilts during show and tell were fabulous, and the members were brimming over with talent and enthusiasm.  They sure are getting a lot done! 

We had fun in the workshop as well.  The class worked on the Pyramid Triangle foundation.  A number of the ladies worked on the new Xmas tree pattern and it was just fun to see how different fabric choices could make them look.  Here’s Linda’s tree.  Isn’t it bright and happy? 

Lindas tree

And here’s Peggy’s – looking beautiful in soft country colors:

Peggy Xmas Tree

Sharon worked on the Four Star project and I love the way the batiks set against black just glow.  It reminds me of stained glass.

Sharons Mini

Sally worked on a Zig Zag design.  Love those reproduction fabrics!

Mary Road to Kansas

Gretchen graciously carted me about for two days and took me on a whirlwind tour of downtown Kansas City.  I didn’t know Hallmark Cards was centered there, or that they have the only World War I memorial in the country.  After I got back home, I showed my husband (the military history guy) the link Gretchen had sent me, and he said, “We definitely need to visit Kansas City.  Perhaps you can go back for an encore and I’ll give the guild a presentation on adaptive error control.”  (Uh-huh).  I enjoyed my time with Gretchen so much.  (Even if I was too full of Girl Scout cookies to have a real Kansas City Barbecue).

Sharon wondered if it would be possible to take the Xmas tree idea and shrink it down to the size of pincushions.  I’ve done a little design work in EQ and this coming week I’ll see if I can try it out (once I get caught up on grading – it is that time of the semester).

I’ll have more photos coming my way, I think, but meanwhile I just wanted to say thanks so much to the Olathe Quilter’s Guild for having me come give a lecture and workshop.  I felt lucky and honored to visit!

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  1. Cute stuff!

    What's adaptive error control? I mean what field and what is it useful for - not the entire syllabus ;-)