Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Still My Heart

Or, More Bang for the Buck

It helps to really hate your carpet, and have hated it for a really, really long time.  When our living room carpet and I first met (twenty years ago), it was a simple case of dislike on my part.  Over the years, dislike grew into antipathy.  Antipathy grew into virulent hatred. 

If it weren’t against laws of both state and common decency, I’d take the carpet we just tore out, throw it into a bonfire in the back yard and dance around it.  Naked. 

You will be spared pictures of that. 

Instead, you get this.  First, my hero, a manly man with power tools.

The first boards down.  Oh, really – be still my heart.  It is love, love, love.

And more love.

Working hard under watchful eyes:

(Are those stair railings a dead giveaway that this house was built in the seventies or what?)

We’re not there yet, but this is making me very very happy.

Why “more bang for the buck”?  I’m thinking there are people that take their wood floors for granted.  Ho hum.  Not me.  Who says you can’t buy love?


  1. Your new flooring looks awesome! We recently ripped out carpet and did the same as you. I know your feeling and I love my new floors. Carpet will never be my friend again. ;)

  2. I have lived with carpet I hate for 23 years (and counting). Last daughter graduated college last May and once we catch our breath I am going to have a major tantrum until we replce every inch of floor covering in our house with hardwood foors. And I will never take them for granted.

  3. Oh, I love it. I've so wanted to do this here but our house is split level and dh doesn't want to deal with trying to put the flooring on the stairs.....

  4. I thought I could hear you doing the happy dance. It was either because you have new floors or a man with power tools!

  5. The house I live in now (and have for almost 5 years) has green shag carpet. And as if that isn't bad enough, the bathrooms are carpeted with it also. Sigh.

  6. Your new floor looks wonderful!

  7. Beautiful, Terrie! Can't wait to walk on it!