Sunday, May 13, 2012


Grades are in!  Grades are in!  Grades are in! 
Oh frabjulous day, coolah, coolay!
I’ll finally plant my garden, put flowers in my pots, unearth my sewing room, prepare my office for wood floors . .  .
It was just one of those semesters.  I barely entered my sewing room.  My 11 Project Progress Plan quilts are not progressing.  But that is all about to change. 
So, in the spirit of things (I hope) to come, here’s the little log cabin swap quilt I made:

With a little mug rug that went along with:

There was a little pincushion, too, but I lost that picture.

So, I hope all your days are going well.  Right now my mind is pretty much mental sludge (that end of the semester grading blitz is not a pretty picture) but after a few days, I’ll bounce back.  I’m sure my trip to the garden center tomorrow is pure therapy.
And then, perhaps I can get a little 11 Project Progress Plan progress!


  1. I stopped by and saw your display of quilts! Awesome! But where is your name and bio? No one would know they were made by the talented Terrie!

  2. So glad you've finished (for a while) with the world of the Jabberwock and his vorpal blade! Much rejoicing!