Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Circles and Squares

After all that angsting about the border quilting for the courthouse steps, I finally found the plan I liked.

I knew I wanted curves.  I kept practicing feathers but 1) while I am improving, they still aren’t really good enough to be showcased yet, and 2) I wasn’t really happy with the idea of them on this quilt.

But I just happened to be at Joann’s when they just happened to have 50% off on their quilting notions and this ruler jumped out at me.  Jumped, I tell you.

And right there pictured on the cover was the design I wanted to try.  How is that for serendipity?  What I like?  I get curves, a modern vibe, and an echo of the quilt block: the block echoes squares, and the quilting echoes circles.  Yup.  I’m happy with that.

Isn’t it always just amazing what a difference fabric choices make?  Here’s the latest courthouse steps perched next to the version in Miniatures in Minutes.  Completely different vibe!

If you are at all curious about how I worked this version with the Fold and Sew foundation from Miniatures in Minutes, you can see a couple of photos in the blog entry here.

With the borders, the mini finished at 14 inches square.

Ironic though that I wound up using a stencil and a walking foot to quilt this – after all that free motion practice!  However, I am still free motioning up a storm.  I’m working on my own true love’s lap quilt.  Perhaps I’ll have a photo in a day or two. 

Though, truth in advertising right up front: it’s a good thing hubby said he doesn’t care about the quilting.  It’s a practice quilt and boy, does it look it!  Uneven stitches, uneven stitching.  I’m fluffing and stuffing and pushing and shoving and that baby is still tough to move around the machine. 

If I take a photo to post on the blog, it’s going to be from across the room.  Trust me, close-ups would be scary!  (Plus, you know, my fears of public humiliation . . . )


  1. Wow, Terrie, I think that looks wonderful! Your stitching looks great to me. What did you use to mark the quilting lines? So it was hard to follow the marks? Sure looks perfect to me. I need that ruler!! Deborah

  2. Okay, I feel like an idiot - I missed a paragraph! You were talking about the quilting on the lap quilt for your hubby. I sure couldn't see a thing wrong with your circles. Walking foot - I'll need to try that!! Deborah

    1. This made me laugh! I used a blue marker that washes away to mark the circles on the mini. I love my walking foot -- it's particularly great on the center mini section because if those wee pieces shift, it's really noticeable. The walking foot keeps them all those little pieces on the straight and narrow!

  3. I love this circle quilting! I might have to find one of those rulers for myself. Super cute quilt. :)

  4. You were at the right place at the right time. The circle motif is absolutely perfect. It's modern, simple and balances the courthouse blocks.