Thursday, January 10, 2013


So, the top is done, and it’s time to think borders.  It’s also time, I think, to stop practicing and get to a real quilt. (A bit scary, that). 

First, I considered an Angela Walters design combining swirls and pebbles. 

I decided I loved the combination and definitely want to use it somewhere but decided it was too busy for this quilt.

Then I thought I’d practice cornering feathers.

I need some more practice on corners but, hey, my feathers are improving.  I’ll admit, they need to get better still, but they are a whole lot better than where I was when I started.  Cool beans.

I also decided to just try drawing a bunch of possibilities.  I know that I want to contrast the angular nature of the courthouse steps with something curving in the borders.

I like a lot of those ideas; in fact, the third one in from the right is going to go onto the bargello quilt, I think.  But for the courthouse steps, I’m thinking a plain old feather is my best possibility.  I want curves but not fussy. 

More drawing:

So, there will be a little more practice today – a little more fitting a feather into a narrow border and definitely more corner practice.  And then, it’s time to just do it. 

Nothing ventured.  Nothing gained.  All that. 


Meanwhile, I’ve been browsing the internet, particularly Pinterest, and finding fabulous inspiration.  All those incredible free motion quilters certainly point out just how far I have to go (which would be something resembling a quantum leap), but they also provide me with a pretty clear idea of where I want to be.

Of course, two weeks from now the semester is going to have started.  A  few weeks after that, some committee work I signed up for will begin, and for two months or so,  it will chew up just about all my time.  I just don’t know how much practice I’ll be able to get in once that show begins.  I’m hoping, though.  Definitely hoping.


  1. Love the feather quilting, feathers are my fav. Darn about the work schedule, sometimes even when we ourselves sign up for extra duties it interferes with hobby time.

  2. Your feathers look great, Terrie!