Thursday, May 23, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

It’s time.  Classes are done.  Grades are in.  I open the sewing room door and . . . and . .  . and wow, there is just too much stuff.  So, I’m paring down.  I’m going through my sewing room and letting go.  In that spirit, I just listed a few things in my Etsy shop.

To begin, I listed a couple of Perfect Patchwork Templates (A and C)  by Marti Mitchell.  I barely used these so they are in perfect condition.  They typically sell for 18 to 22 dollars.  I listed them for 12 and 10.


The A set even has invisible grip applied to the backs of the templates.

I also listed an Elisa’s Back Porch Quarter Circle Template for a 7" block and a John Flynn Wheel of Mystery 10" block template set for 6 and 3 dollars.  They’ve been rattling around in a drawer so the surface on the Quarter Circle templates is a little scratched but they are in perfect cutting order.


And, one final thing for today’s declutter is a set of six coasters I made several years ago and then just put in a drawer and never used. The photos don’t do them justice: they are very bright and happy (for those of you who dig the whole pink, orange, deep fuchsia, hints of purple and yellow thing).

I have a lot more stuff that I’m going to go through.  In any case, if you are interested, you can find them at Daisy Fair at Etsy.

Am I the only one?  Sometimes I just have to clean and declutter before I can even think about doing something (like sewing).

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