Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fountain Pen Wrap

There’s always room for a new fascination and a new love, isn’t there?  And if you love to read and love to write, all things pen and paper make the list.  Lately, I’ve once again gotten back into fountain pens (more on that another day).

But, here’s the thing, if you have cool pens, then you need something cool to carry them in!  In this, as in all things fountain pen related, the Fountain Pen Network provided inspiration. 

So, here it is, my new pen case.

All wrapped up:

And with the wrap open and the protective flap down:

And with the flap up.  Check out the happy pens!

Given my addiction to little sewing projects, this is clearly going to be just the first of many.

How about you?  What’s humming in your sewing room these days?

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