Monday, February 3, 2014


Well, to begin, there’s the sad story of my MacBook Pro. Which all too soon has gone to the great MacBook Haven in the Sky.  The good news is this guy:

A brand new MacBook Pro. Pretty, pretty. 

A lot of time is going to sorting out computer stuff right now, but my own true love, whose work day is spent in cubicle land, has asked me to finish up an old quilt project for him. He’s windowless so this will be his take on a room with a view. 

This one is from a class I took years ago. Amazing class, really.  Here’s a close-up.

I need to add the final borders and then quilt it up.  I made another version of this years ago but gave it away as a present. It’s going to be nice to see this one finished. Hubby already has a couple of my little quilts in his office. And, hey, it makes me happy that he spends his day with some part of me there with him. (We are coming up on Valentine’s. Romantic smoosh allowed and encouraged . . . )


  1. Sweet little quilt. It is a nice thought to think of your husband enjoying his view...or you and your work at his office.

  2. Love this, often thought of doing the same with a photograph I have.