Monday, February 17, 2014

More Civil War

Apparently I am a woman on a mission. During my spare moments, I work a little more on the Civil War sampler. So, here are the next three of the sampler blocks.

This third block is not in the Civil War Sampler book. I’ve almost run out of the ones from the book that I’m going to make, so most of what I do from here on out I’m pulling from BlockBase. This one is number 2179 or “Double X.”

Besides getting to work with these lovely fabrics, I am also feeling very lucky on the weather front these days. Nothing like the weather we’ve been having lately (and parts of the country are currently having!) to make you really appreciate some warmer temperatures. In a little bit, I’ll be heading out for a walk with Mr. Cooper and my own true love (who is off for the holiday). After that, I’ll only be wishing I’d be going back to the sewing room. Instead, it’s that time again: grading, grading, grading. (Bah).

Still, pretty fabrics, pretty blocks. I’m a happy camper.

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